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Reclaim your Warrior Spirit. Each week, we'll be discussing tools, tactics, ideas, and strategies to help you strengthen your body, enhance your mind, and dominate life. US Marine Corps Veteran Chris Albert delivers a powerful message: life is too precious to sit idly and watch it go by. The Warrior Soul Podcast was created to help all Veterans, and anyone willing to listen, to live their best lives. Past guests include: Ryan Michler, Ben Greenfield, Remi Adeleke, Chris Bell, and so many more.
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Nov 5, 2018

Napoleon Hill once wrote "If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self." 

These words ring very true. Everyone wants to be successful, but so many people fail because of self doubt and self sabotage.

Our guest this week is a man who helps people master themselves so that they can achieve success. Sergeant Major Max Garcia honed his skills in the greatest leadership proving ground of all, the United States Marine Corps. 

Enlisting in 1994 at the age of 17, Sergeant Major Garcia has led several generations of Marines at home and in combat. During this time he began exploring the power of the mind. 

Now, as Life Coach 8, he is leading in a different way by helping others to achieve abundance.

Nov 2, 2018

When I look back at pictures of myself serving as a US Marine, I remember those days as being mostly good. I was young, doing something that had meaning, and surrounded by friends. 

But the truth is that, if I remember hard enough, those weren't my thoughts at the time. In my mind, I was always complaining, "why am I here" or "this is dumb." And normally, I was wishing I was somewhere else. 

Most of us live our lives by trying to put our minds somewhere else when we go through difficulty, and that's a huge mistake. It's a mistake because there is so much opportunity to be had just by living in the present. 

Stop wishing you were somewhere else, bring your mind to the present, and you'll be amazed at what you can learn. 

Oct 31, 2018

As a trainer, some of the common things I hear from people is that they "can't find the time to train" because they have "other priorities."

On the surface, this sounds legitimate. People naturally think that family, job, and the daily rigors of life should come first. 

In reality, that's a lie. It's a lie because, without fitness, you're not going to be able to meet those "more important" obligations for very long. 

The only two real assets you have in this life are your mind and your body. Without either of those two you're not going to be able to be the best spouse, parent, or provider that you can be. 

In this episode, we discuss some simple strategies that you can use to make fitness the priority in your life.

Oct 29, 2018

Matt Sapaula wants to teach people why capitalism is the greatest hope for human kind.

Known as the "Money Smart Guy" he's made it his life's work to teach people how to be more financially literate and to educate his mentees on the power of running their own businesses. 

He shows them the power of capitalism and entrepreneurship. 

Matt got his start in the United States Marine Corps and began selling insurance on the side. After leaving the military, he dedicated himself to becoming the best salesman he could be. 

As he grew, he also began leading and educating agents that he took under his wing. Matt is also partners with Patrick Bet David of the PHP Agency, the fastest growing financial services agency in the US.

Oct 26, 2018

If you've been listening to the Warrior Soul Podcast for a while, you know how the intro runs: "Someday you're going to die..." 

There's a big reason why each episode begins with that statement. It's a reminder that this life isn't forever. 

Regardless of who you are or what your problems are, they aren't forever. It's important to remember this because so many of us live our lives in fear. 

Fear is so damaging because if causes us to focus on things that aren't going to help us to move forward with our lives. Instead we focus on little things that bring annoyance or worry. 

You've only got a limited time to live on this Earth, and you're lucky to live in a time and place where humans have it easier than ever. 

This episode focuses on getting you to remember that and to get you focused on what does matter.'re-gonna-die-someday

Oct 24, 2018

In this week's Fitness Notes, Chris tackles several questions:

The first involves understanding how to train for a sport without increasing opportunities for injury. Many people add a lot of useless training to their routines when they pick up a sport. 

The focus in the gym should be to get strong and to avoid injury while getting most of your conditioning from actually performing the sport in question. 

The second and third question involved getting motivated to train despite depression. In both cases, Chris discusses how moving more and increasing exercise can improve mindset and mental wellness. 

Oct 22, 2018

For the last 30 years, Dale Dye has had a single mission: to help Hollywood to create better war movies and change how America views the common grunt. 

Dale is definitely qualified for the job. He served in 31 major combat operations during the Vietnam War, and during his Marine Corps career he rose from Private to Master Sergeant. He was selected as a Warrant Officer, and then went on to receive a commission through Officer's Candidate School. 

Dale was an advisor to Oliver Stone on the film Platoon where he also acted as Captain Harris. He's gone on to help create such gems as Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, and The Pacific

In this episode, we discuss Dale's career in and out of the military, how he got his start, and his advice for other veterans who want to get into show business. We also discuss his current project No Bettter Place to Die a film that tells the story of the 505th Parachute Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division during the Battle of Normandy. 

Oct 19, 2018

One of most important things an individual can do to move toward success is to let go of the past. We all carry emotional baggage, and it can weigh us down and keep us from building our best lives. 

That's because dwelling in the past keeps you in the victim mentality. Victim's believe that the world happens "to them." Common phrases like "I can't catch a break" and "fuck my life" reinforce this damaging train of thought. 

Successful people don't dwell on the past. Rather, they use all of the things that happen to them, good and bad, as lessons to guide them for the future. With this "for me" mentality, the obstacles you face in life are no longer "bad." Instead, you look at these problems and obstacles as opportunities for lessons. 

This episode takes you through what you need to know to change your mindset, rid yourself of the victim mentality, and turn your life around.

Oct 17, 2018

Last year, I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Bell, the creator of such films as Bigger, Stronger, Faster, and Prescription Thugs. I had long admired Chris's films for their ability to illuminate complex issues that the media over-simplified, like America's relationship with steroids. 

While making Prescription Thugs, a movie about the rising plague of prescription drug abuse, Chris actually became addicted to opiates. He was able to overcome his issues through rehab, but he still had immense pain due to a genetic hip defect. 

That's when Chris was introduced to Kratom, a plant that delivers an opiate like effect to users with a much lower potential for addiction and overdose. 

As someone who has struggled with opiate addiction in the past, I was initially skeptical about Kratom, and remained slightly skeptical when this show was recorded. Until I threw my back out one day while doing deadlifts. 

The pain was so intense I could not walk or move. I knew that I did not want to get back on any prescription opiate, so I tried Kratom. Kratom helped me significantly with the pain, but more importantly, I did not crave it like I craved other opiates. I wasn't thinking about it daily, and I even forgot to take it one day. 

Anyone who's ever used opiates regularly will tell you that you do not forget to take it. In fact, addicts will center their whole day on when they're going to take the drug. 

This is not me advocating for Kratom or any other drug, but I believe that we should have all the facts before making a potentially helpful substance illegal. That's why I'm republishing this episode. 

Since the recording of this podcast, Chris has released his documentary on Kratom A Leaf of Faith. I highly suggest that you check it out in addition to listening to this episode. 

Oct 15, 2018

Bobby Maximus is considered one of the best trainers in the United States today. He's applied his unique methodology toward training professional athletes, tier 1 Special Operators from the US Military, and other elite clientele.

Bobby's also got vast experience in training average everyday people. After working for the world famous Gym Jones for many years, Bobby moved on to start his own gym Maximus Gym in Salt Lake City Utah.

Bobby's unique background also allows him to bring a unique perspective to his craft. Prior to becoming a coach, Bobby was a teach, a police officer, and a UFC fighter.  

His book, Maximus Body contains strategies to help readers become as insanely fit as possible. 

In this episode, we discuss Bobby's philosophies on training and on life. We get deep into the importance of mindset in accomplishing your goals. We talk about some of the setbacks Bobby's faced in his health and in life, and how he approaches these setbacks when they come his way. 




Oct 12, 2018

Thomas Jefferson once said that "resistance to tyranny is obedience to God." This is something that most Americans would believe on it's face.

Yet, I also believe that we need to refine what we think of as tyranny in this modern day and age. In a time where personal liberty is probably greater than it ever has been in history, the most common form of tyranny is self imposed. 

People consistently and willingly put themselves in chains through self doubt, self hatred, and lack of willpower. 

In this podcast, I discuss what you can do to free yourself from those self imposed chains and deliver yourself from tyranny.


Oct 10, 2018

On this Fitness Notes episode of the Warrior Soul Podcast Chris discusses questions he drew from the Warrior Soul Fitness Academy Private Facebook Group. 

The first question comes from a member who's been having problems with getting enough to eat with his busy lifestyle. Chris delivers several ideas for getting enough protein, fats, and calories on the go for both keto and non-keto dieters. 

The second question asks how someone can properly do an active rest or deload week. Chris discusses several techniques for improving mobility and reducing those nagging aches and pains during your active rest periods and during your training weeks. 

Finally, Chris discusses why genetics are not as important as we think they are when it comes to obesity and chronic obesity related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. . 

Oct 8, 2018

Mike Ergo is a US Marine Corps Combat Veteran, Ironman Triathlete, and former alcoholic and drug addict. He is also the host of the Transitions from War Podcast.

At one point, during Operation Phantom Fury, Mike lost so many friends that he accepted that he was going to die. He didn't. As he entered the civilian life he didn't plan on living, he found himself ill equipped for dealing with the memories of his time in combat.

Like so many, he found himself turning to drugs and alcohol to get through the pain. These proved to be false allies that simply allowed him to bury his pain deep inside. He was numbed to it, but it was still there scratching away at his insides.

He found counseling, went through a 12 step program, and eventually found his peace in endurance sports. Eventually this led him to compete in Ironman Triathlon. Today, Mike wears the names of his fallen friends on his racing gear, and connects with a local Gold Star Family in each race he runs.

His podcast, Transitions from War focuses on helping other veterans to find their peace and educating others on how to train for endurance.

Oct 5, 2018

Throughout history, people have regarded strength as an admirable trait. That's because it's always been important for survival, security, and in seeking out the means for life. 

Yet, in today's society, where life is much more convenient than it once was, we often find people neglecting the pursuit of strength. Some even characterize the pursuit of strength as a form of oppression. 

In this episode, Chris discusses strength in the context of Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War through three different theoretical lenses: realism, neoliberalism, and post-modernism.

From there, he takes it back to the individual level and discusses why strength should be the focus of our pursuits here on this Earth. He delivers three pieces of advice for keeping yourself strong in an environment and a society that seems to be encouraging weakness. 

Oct 3, 2018

One of the biggest reasons why people never get in shape is because they never start. As a trainer, I've seen so many people who wait until their lives are "perfect" before they start dieting or training. 

The problem with this line of thinking is that life is never going to be truly perfect. A bigger factor is that you don't want to just train and eat right when times are perfect. You need fitness more when times are difficult. That's when training and good nutrition are going to help you keep your life together and help you to be a better version of yourself. 

In this episode of fitness notes, I take you through three things you need to do to stop hesitating and start your journey. These include starting small, knowing your reason for getting fit, and enlisting those closest to you to help you out. 

If you are interested in getting a push on your journey, join us on the free Warrior Soul Fitness Academy at

If you're looking for a more advanced push, join the Agoge at

For our sponsor, FBOMB nutrition,

Oct 1, 2018

Steve Sims is a guy who get things done. His clientele consists of the super rich. Not the super rich people you might see in the media. These are people who would think nothing of dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single experience. 

One of Steve's most well known feats was getting an entire museum in Rome shut down so that one of his clients could have dinner at the foot of Michelangelo's David. In the middle of the dinner he arranged for Andrea Bocelli to come out and serenade the couple. 

The amazing thing about Steve is that he doesn't come from money. Steve is a former bricklayer from the east side of London. He prefers tee shirts to fancy suits, rides a motorcycle, enjoys whiskey, and is really down to earth. 

What Steve has mastered is the art of human dynamics. The ability to get a yes anytime he's trying to make something happen. 

Steve's book, Bluefishing, goes into depth about how he does his work. You can get the book and learn more about Steve at

Sep 28, 2018

The most important thing you can do as an adult is to decide exactly who you want to be. It might sound cliche, or overly simple, but it is so important to determining your path. 

If you do not have that written out and set in terms that are black and white, then your direction will be far less clear. When that happens, you begin to leave your path up to fate rather than your own planning.

It's also important because it can determine who you allow to come into your life and who you don't. As children, we become trained to accept relationships of convenience. Who we hang out with and who we spend our time with is largely up to our family and our geographic surroundings. 

As an adult, you get to choose who you spend your time with, but if you do not choose wisely, it can pose limitations on yourself and what you're going to do with your life. 

If, however, you've decided who you want to be and what your values are, it gives you a clearer definition of what you'll tolerate from yourself and from other people. 


Sep 26, 2018

In the age of the online "fitness guru" there are currently hundreds of people trying to get your attention to sell you a new diet every time you log onto social media. 

All of them have an angle of some sort. That angle usually consists of some kind of trick or shortcut, new food, new supplement, or new pill that they want you to take. 

To make that angle work, they normally need to put things in super complicated terms that do nothing but confuse you. This confusion causes resistance: how can you start a diet if you don't know what you're doing? 

Well in this podcast, Chris gives you the easiest way to start your nutrition program without any tricks or shortcuts that just confuse things. 

You can find the show notes for this episode, along with resources to help you at

Sep 24, 2018

Regardless of what you do with your life, you are going to run into obstacles. Some of these obstacles can be met by choice: like going through the police academy or Marine Corps Boot Camp. 

Others can be put in front of you by sheer fate: like an injury or a tragedy. 

But, whatever you encounter, it's important that you take lessons from your experience. 

Kazy Tauginas is an actor and former restauranteur and Golden Gloves Boxer who's appeared in John Wick and The Equalizer 2 along side Denzel Washington. 

Kazy came on to talk about his story from his humble beginnings to becoming a restaurant owner, and on into his boxing and acting careers. He also speaks about his work with Lupus and his mother's battle with this disease. 

Through it all, Kazy has used lessons from his experiences to constantly push himself forward. When he decided to become an actor, he burned the ships and dedicated himself to becoming the best actor he could be by investing everything he could into his career. He secured his first roles while sleeping on his friends' couch and never gave up on his dream. 

In this interview we cover:

  • Why Kazy's early days as an entrepreneur taught Kazy how to manage his career.
  • How the discipline Kazy learned from boxing helped him with his acting. 
  • Why burning the ships is an effective way to push yourself forward. 
  • What differentiates those who make it in Hollywood from those who get broken by it. 

This episode is available on Itunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify, and at

For Kazy's latest project, Standing 8:


Sep 21, 2018

At some point in our lives, we all begin making up stories for why we haven't done what we want to do in life. These stories are commonly known as excuses. 

The problem with excuses is that they all sound logical, at least to us. 

We can't work out because we just don't have time. We can't start that business because it's just not the right time. I can't be on time for work because of my kids. 

The biggest problem is with the word "can't." When that word appears it signals that you're telling yourself a lie. It's a lie because you can. You just haven't prioritized it. 

Sep 19, 2018

Many men hit their mid 30s and something clicks in their minds telling them that they need to take it easier. When it comes to fitness, we see guys retreating to things like just playing golf or going for walks for their physical activity. 

That's a mistake. Training is even more important as you get older. 

In this episode Chris discusses rules he's imposed on himself in his late 30s for his training. These include some things that are counterintuitive, and they include: 

  • Training with free weights rather than machines
  • Avoiding machine cardio
  • Increasing the number of activities you're doing
  • Eating more fat

You'll be able to find the show notes for this episode up at

Sep 17, 2018

Anxiety is a limiting factor in many peoples' lives and it can take many different forms. All of us have different underlying fears that keep us from doing certain things. A lot of us may fear heights, and so they avoid mountain climbing or going to the top of tall buildings. Others might hate snakes, and in turn, avoid swamps and tall grassy areas. 

But for many people anxiety centers around activities that we need to do in order to have a complete and productive life, like social interaction and being around a lot of people. In these cases, anxiety can have a hugely negative impact on our lives and our happiness. 

Our guest today is an expert on helping people with anxiety. His name is Kevin Ashworth and he works with the Northwest Anxiety Institute. While most people attempt to deal with anxiety by avoiding what makes them anxious, Kevin recommends exposing yourself to those things in a safe and low risk manner. 

In this episode, Kevin explains why anxiety is becoming more common and he delivers some simple and actionable advice on how you can gain control over your own anxiety. 

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Sep 14, 2018

There is a disturbing and growing trend in the Veteran Community. Veterans who claim that "political correctness" is ruining our country, but then scream and cry whenever someone does something they don't agree with. In essence, we've created our own "safe space" where certain beliefs are acceptable and others aren't.

We've also allowed ourselves to become "triggered" at the drop of a pin. This leads to irrational behavior that resembles what we see from SJW types on college campuses. The truth is that if we spent more time working on ourselves and building ourselves up, we'd have a lot less time to complain.

This podcast discusses why it's so important for the veteran community to overcome this trend. Rather than adopting an outrage culture, we should be building our community up, helping other Veterans, and putting ourselves in position to affect change in this country.

Sep 12, 2018

In this episode of Warrior Fitness Q&A Chris addresses the following questions:

What’s the best method for recovery from full-body exercise routines? Ice bath or sauna?

Are there any benefits to intermittent fasting on training days? Or is it best to do it on non-training days?

Show notes will be available at

Sep 10, 2018

Years ago, if you were a Veteran trying to make it in the civilian world, the path was usually to head off to college, get a degree, and then try to secure an entry level job some where. 

The thing is that a lot of Veterans are under the false impression that a college degree is the only way to make it and that their experience doesn't mean anything to employers. 

Well...times have changed, and unless you're looking to become a doctor, nurse, or lawyer, degrees don't really mean much to anyone anymore. In fact, I have a Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D work completed and it's never gotten me a job. 

If you're a Veteran who's served honorably, that means that you have leadership skills, that you're reliable, and that you know how to put work in. That's important. 

Phil Randazzo, our guest today, is trying to get you to realize how important that is. Phil is not a veteran. He's a serial entrepreneur who built his empire out of nothing. He's also the founder of American Dream U, a nonprofit who's mission is to help Veterans make better transitions into the civilian world. 

Through American Dream U and Mission Next, Phil has created a platform that gives Veterans the knowledge they need to build upon their already valuable skills to secure employment or build businesses. 

The platform is completely free for veterans, and it takes minutes to sign up. It also contains what I'd estimate to be at least $100,000 worth of education if it were part of a degree. You can learn everything from basic finance to advanced business management. There's complete ecommerce courses and courses on building out your LinkedIn profile. There's courses taught by guys like Tim Ferriss and other entrepreneurs who'd normally charge thousands of dollars for their advice. 

So while I really want you to listen to this episode, what I want you to do before you listen is to get over there to and sign up as quickly as possible. Get on there and start learning. Dedicate yourself to spending an hour a week on there. 

To sign up:

For Phil's book Mission Next:

To follow American Dream U: 

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